Main information

HS, a.s. is a private company with global presence headquartered in the Slovak Republic and established in 1954. We develop and manufacture a wide range of gearboxes, axles, differentials and drive components. Our products are most frequently used in construction, agricultural and communal equipment and in industrial and renewable energy applications.
Our other primary focus is on the design and development of transmissions, gears and drives in addition to the development of products meeting the highest demands on quality. Our R&D Department continuously works on increasing the efficiency and lifespan of our products and on the development of new products adapted to the needs of our customers.
HS makes significant investments into research and development on an annual basis as well as additional investments into production equipment and increasing quality.

Number of manufacturing facilities: 1
Surface area: 20,000 m2
Total site area: 40,000 m2
Number of employees: 200
Investments 2005-2011: €9.55 million
R&D investments: 5% of turnover