General business and delivery conditions


Business and delivery conditions relate to the entire assortment of the goods sold by the company Hriňovské strojárne, a.s. to physical and corporate entities. Business and delivery conditions build an obligatory part of single purchase agreements and orders concluded between contractual parties.


The order of the materials has to be realized in form of writing, per fax or e-mail. It has to contain: company name, VAT, bank connection, telephone and fax connection, delivery destination and requested delivery term.
The supplier can request a conclusion of a purchase agreement in connection with orders over 1 500 EUR.
By issuing of an order the purchaser confirms his consent with the business and delivery conditions.


Delivery conditions and price are defined in accordance of INCOTERMS 2010 on the basis of an agreement of contractual parties.
If the transport is organized by the buyer, the latter is obliged to take over goods till 5 days after receipt of the advice, that goods are ready for pick-up. Otherwise the supplier will be justified:

  • to dispatch the goods at expense of the buyer, or
  • to store the goods in his stock premises on the buyer’s risk and with stocking fee 0,5 EUR per every begun tonne and day.


Day of delivery is specified by an agreement between the supplier and buyer.


The supplier warrants for the goods to 12 months from its putting into operation, but 15 months from the delivery term at the latest.


  • payment cash by personal pickup
  • payment in advance on a pre-payment (pro-forma) invoice (goods pickup is possible on the basis of an account statement of the payment)
  • in a form of payment clearing (this form of payment is possible only on a basis of a long-term cooperation and maintenance of a good payment discipline)

Invoiced pickups are realized with due term 20 days net. In case of payment delay the supplier is authorized to charge 0.05% for every day of payment delay and next material will be sent only with cash payment without advantages stated in this item.


Bulk discounts and discount for the individual pickups are agreed individually. Discounts are excluded by delayed payment until the debt settlement.


The buyer obtains the proprietary right on the material only after full payment of the goods.


The buyer is obliged to control the completeness of the material and correctness of the supply when taking goods over and immediately inform the supplier of eventual failures. The buyer confirms the correctness and completeness of the delivery by taking goods over. The buyer has the right to claim a material, which demonstrably does not fulfil technical and quality parameters declared by the producer.
The buyer must do so immediately after detection of a failure in written form and by a presentation of a material sample and invoice. In case of a justified claim a way of solution will be proposed, namely in a form of a purchase price discount, product replacement or return of the purchase price by a credit note. The claims are being solved in a term as short as possible, up to 30 days maximum.


General business and delivery conditions are valid from the date of proclamation and materials are delivered exclusively under the above mentioned conditions.
These conditions are valid, unless there were another conditions confirmed in writing to the buyer.