Prevodovky HSM do domiešavačov HSM - HS is the global leader for the production of planetary gears used in concrete mixers.
Their modern design, low weight, minimum noise, long lifespan and high strength are all excellent prerequisites for their classification among the best planetary gears for concrete mixers around the world.
Their low weight and price will most definitely get your attention.
The R&D team developed the HSM line of planetary gears using its vast experience in this segment and by leveraging the latest knowledge of materials and using the modern technical equipment HS has available in the production of the individual drive circuits.
HS offers the following drive systems: HSM 5 (6 – 8 m3), HSM 6 (8 – 10 m3), HSM 7 (10 – 12 m3) and HSM 8 (14 – 18 m3). All lines can also be ordered with a water pump drive configuration.