Planétová prevodovka do otoče HSS 17 HSS – the HSS line of planetary gears from HS, a.s., have a wide range of applications in mobile cranes, construction excavators and other equipment as well as in wind turbines in conjunction with hydraulic or electric drives.
The R&D Department in Hriňová has developed an exceptionally reliable line of products with a high level of efficiency and long lifespan; production at HS allows us to provide a world-class product for a Slovak price. Planetary gears for pitch and yaw drives have also been developed for wind turbine applications. The construction of such gears enables their application in the most extreme of weather conditions.
Reduktor pohonov HSW 18 HSW – HS has more than 50 years of experience in the production of gears and transmissions for construction and military equipment it has tapped during the production of this line of planetary gears used to drive construction and agricultural equipment.
The application of the latest insights and knowledge by the R&D Department combined with the use of CNC technology allows us to provide our customers with a quiet and reliable product with excellent strength, lifespan and efficiency characteristics at an extremely attractive price.
Applications for the HSW line of planetary gears are relatively wide-stretching. They are designed for use in drives for construction rollers, compactors, excavators, front-end loaders, asphalt and concrete finishers and drilling rigs as well as for combines, tractors and forestry equipment with torque ratings from 12,000 to 51,000 NM.